We understand your needs
because we share the same passion.

We bring you yacht management services with a unique point of view and the care that your yacht deserves. We want you to trust in us, because we follow the best practices and we want to be as ethical and transparent as we can, because owners matter.
Have a look at our services, we'll be very pleased to assist you in any request you may have.


Johann-Stephan Reith
Working in the nautical industry for several years has given me some of the most beautiful experiences one could ever imagine. I have been privileged to work with clients from all over the world and I know exactly how to handle anything you may need for your yacht.
Ariel Godoy
The beautiful and enchanting places that we find in the Mediterranean Sea are what have made me fall in love with yachts. Over the last 15 years I have worked in every area of the industry. Orion Yacht Support allows me to continue the simple work ethic I have stood by over the years of collaborating honestly with people with the same passion.
Clarissa Wellenbrink
Assistant Manager
Working in the nautical sector brings together two of my favourite things; the sea and boats. I love being social and communicating with people, for this reason I will be very pleased to assist with anything you might require from us. I look forward to sharing our passion and enthusiasm with you.

Customer Reviews

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